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Garden Door
Categories:Garden Door
Product Name:Door
Product Notes:According to customer requirements.


Garden Gate

Pre-made galvanized round steel pipe diameter 40MM. As a framework, post 50X50X4 mm and 60 mm welded wire meshINSIDE.ZINC phosphate and powder coated in green. DIYassembly set shrink packaging 


Frame is 30mm with 48mm round steel posts, which 100X50MM,green powder coated with zinc phosphate network. This gate isideal for the garden or park


Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian Gates with solid steel or DECORATION.THEY made of hot-dip galvanized steel or powder coated in different colors.Other models may be available. Production according todrawings.



Double Door Single Door
Height(mm) Width(mm)
830 2X1500
1030 2X1500
1230 2X1500
1530 2X1500
1830 2X1500
2030 2X1500
Height(mm) Width(mm)
830 1000
1030 1000
1230 1000
1530 1000
1830 1000
2030 1000