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Welded wire mesh series
Categories:Welded wire mesh series
Product Name:Hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh
Product Notes:According to customer requirements.
BWG Mesh BWG Mesh
BWG14 25mm BWG18 12.7mmX25mm
BWG15 25mm BWG19 25mm
BWG15 50mmX25mm BWG19 12.7mm
BWG16 25mm BWG19 19mm
BWG16 19mm BWG19 12.7mmX25mm
BWG16 12.7mm BWG20 25mm
BWG16 12.7mmX25mm BWG20 12.7mm
BWG16 50mmX25mm BWG20 19mm
BWG17 25mm BWG21 12.7mm
BWG17 12.7mm BWG21 9.53mm
BWG17 12.7mmX25mm BWG22 9.53mm
BWG17 19mm BWG22 12.7mm
BWG17 75mm BWG23 6.35mm
BWG18 25mm BWG24 6.35mm
BWG18 12.7mm BWG14 100mmX50mm
BWG18 19mm Length, width, and sample size according to customer requirements