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Welded wire mesh series
Categories:Welded wire mesh series
Product Name:PVC coated welded wire mesh
Product Notes:According to customer requirements.


Specifications offered
Wiresize Mesh are offered Wiresize Mesh are offered
1.4mm/2.0mm 25.4mmX25.4mm 0.9mm/1.25mm 25.4mmX25.4mm
1.6mm/2.0mm 100mmX50mm 1.4mm/1.7mm 50mmX75mm
1.4mm/1.8mm 12.7mmX12.7mm 0.6mm/0.95mm 6.35mmX6.35mm
1.2mm/1.6mm 12.7mmX12.7mm 1.06mm/1.46mm 12.7mmX12.7mm
0.95mm/1.35mm 12.7mmX12.7mm 1.14mm/1.45mm 19mmX19mm
0.8mm/1.15mm 25.4mmX25.4mm 0.6mm/1.25mm 25.4mmX25.4mm
Height, length and other dimensions,spcifications can be customized.